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Ammarin Bedouin Camp 
PanEast Tours Ammarin Camp is a sustainable community development project with a combination of history, nature, heritage, and culture in one of the most beautiful areas in Jordan; Beidah “Little Petra”. The camp offers activities to bring its guests closer to the nature and history of the area as well as the local inhabitants of this important location. 
The camp consists of a large common area in a Bedouin tent with comfortable seating for dining and entertainment, Bedouin tents furnished with mattres ses, pillows and blankets for sleeping, complete bathroom facilities including hot water, toilets and showers and a Bedouin Museum 
The Camp also provides delicious Bedouin meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner. Box lunches are also available for guests trekking or taking a camel caravan. Special programs are available for camping guests as well as other visitors. Programs include authentic music, dance, and food and beverages, herbs, and frankincense.

PanEast Tours Amman’s Citadel 
Towering above the beautiful old downtown of Amman, the Citadel is an extraordinary historic site that prospered for centuries as one empire gave rise to the next. Recent improvements have been undertaken for festival activities to make the Citadel site more accessible, better understood and welcoming for the enjoyment of all visitors. 
The Citadel offers many possibilities for numerous events, which Pan East can easily plan and organize. These events vary from a private gala dinner party and cocktail reception to a live music concert or a live folkloric dance show or even a one of a kind wedding reception. Attendees will enjoy the event with an astonishing view of the old city of Amman.

PanEast Tours Jerash Roman Theatre
Transform the Roman Theatre in the ancient city of Jerash into a private grand ballroom where you can organize several events ranging from the obvious choice of a live music concert or a live dancing performance to the creative choice of organizing a unique seminar or presentation. T he light and sound effects as well as any other equipment can be brought in from Amman and assembled in a fitting manner with the theme of the event.

PanEast Tours Beach Rental in Aqaba or Dead Sea 
Rent the Beach in Dead Sea for an exclusive beach party or for a private special event such as a wedding reception, gala dinner, or a themed night event. The options are endless so boost up your creativity and imagine the possibilities.



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