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Special Events

Old Steam Train Ride / Adventure 
PanEast Tours Take a ride back in history, and enjoy travelling across the Jordanian Desert in an authentic First World War Era steam engine.  You will be welcomed and serviced by a staff wearing original Military costume of the late Ottoman Empire.  If you want stimulate your sense of adventure, a group of Bedouin horsemen will attack the train forcing it to stop and kidnapping the passengers to an exclusive Bedouin Camp in the desert of Wadi Rum to enjoy the evening festivities. 

PanEast Tours BBQ Party around Swimming Pool in Dead Sea 
Enjoy a private BBQ Dinner Party set up exclusively in a private area around the swimming pool facing the Dead Sea. In addition, we can organize a cocktail reception before the dinner while having various entertainment shows arranged such as a folkloric dance show, belly dancer show and of course a professional DJ to play your favorite tunes and lively up the party.

PanEast Tours 1001 Arabian Night
Imagine yourself arriving at an ancient citadel welcomed by a staff dressed in Arabian Fairy Tale costumes catering to your every need. As you walk through the entrance you will hear soft music from an Arabian Flute signaling the start of a majestic experience of an Arabian delight. Prepare your self for an unforgettable evening with entertainment from an Arabian Fortune Teller, live folkloric troupe show, belly dancer show and of course a first class dining experience. The 1001 Arabian Night event can be organized at various venu es in Jordan such as the citadel in Amman, the Dead Sea beach, Beidah “little Petra”, Wad Rum Desert, Aqaba Citadel and a private luxury villa farm.

PanEast Tours Lunch at Karak’s Crusader Castle 
Enjoy a private lunch at a remnant of a medieval era garrison in Karak’s Crusader Castle. Go back to the medieval age and imagine yourself taking part in a communal lunch specially prepared for the brave knights of Karak !

PanEast Tours Live Orchestra / Music Show
organize a live music show, be it a classical orchestra band or an electronic music show or classical Arabian band set up in an ancient historical site or inside the breathtaking landscape of the Jordanian Desert. In addition, you can also arrange for a seated menu dinner while enjoying the live music show. The light and sound show will match the theme of the evening with appropriate set up and decoration that will astonish all participants. The live music show can be organized at various venues in Jordan such as the roman theatre in Jerash, the citadel in Amman, the beaches in Dead Sea & Aqaba, Beidah “little Petra”, Wad Rum Desert, Aqaba Citadel and a private luxury villa farm in the Jordan Valley.

PanEast Tours Gala Dinner / Party in a private villa farm in the Jordan Valley 
Enjoy an exclusive reception and dinner catered by 5* Hotel. The entertainment will comprise of a Live Saxophone player, professional DJ music entertainment, Classical Arabian music and a dancing show from the Andalusian times. The farm will be decorated with colored lighting, candles and flowers. The options are limitless and we can cater to your every need!

Wadi Rum Private Camp and Experience

PanEast Tours Bedouin Traditional Clothing
Start your evening by dressing up in traditional Bedouin clothing in order to fully experience the life of the nomads in Wadi Rum. The women will dress up in the traditional Bedouin “Thawb”, the national dress of the women in Jordan, and the men will wear a “Dishda sha”, which is white ankle length garment with long sleeves similar to a robe, with the Jordanian Bedouin red colored head cover “Hatta & Egal”.

PanEast Tours Bedouin Tea & Coffee 
Tea and coffee are the traditional drinks offered by the Bedouin host to his honored guests. The tea is usually served very sweet and often flavored with mint or sage or some othe r locally grown desert herb and served in small glasses. The original Bedouin coffee is served in tiny cups and is quite bitter often flavored with cardamom. Coffee is an important symbol of hospitality. Shake the cup to indicate that you do not want a refill.

PanEast Tours The Camp 
It is made up of the traditional local Black Bedouin tents. There will also be one or more large Bedouin tent for the evening party and the dinner, and other tents for the sleeping quarters.

There will be lighting, which is done with ambient electricity, oil lanterns and candles. This is in keeping with the general mood and the theme of this event.

PanEast Tours The Tents: 
are all handmade by the Bedouins from the hairs of black goats. It is in these tents that the Bedouins live, in the same way that we set up the camp. These tents are resistant to wind, fire and water to the largest extent, and are very durable which makes them perfect for the locals. I n the winter they keep them warm, as they can light fires inside them, and in the summer they ke ep them cool as they provide shade and a wind current

PanEast Tours The Dinner setup: 
will be floor seating. The floor will be covered with rugs, onto which there will be mattresses and low seating tables. The tables will be nicely decorated. We use regular plates and silvery utensils, as well as regular glasses for the drinks.

PanEast Tours Special Dish Dish “Zarb” 
Enjoy a traditional Bedouin Dinner specially prepared for honored guests: Zarb. It is usually made in an iron barrel set into a hole in the ground. First, wood is burned to create charcoal. Then, spiced meat, chicken and vegetables are placed on an iron tray. The tray is placed in the barrel and the barrel is sealed and buried in the sand for three hours. The barrel's contents bake in their juices and once the meal is uncovered, guests enjoy a truly delicious meal!

The Relaxation and Bon Fire area
In front of the Dinner tent, there will be a bon fire lit up. Around these fires, some nice mattresses for relaxation before and after dinner will be provided. This area will also be used after dinner for dancing as well, and it will be in the open sky under the stars

PanEast Tours The Sleeping Tents 
These are the exact same type of tents as the dinner tent(s). These will be divided by partitions made of black wool or cloth material to make up 3-4 rooms in each of these Bed ouin tents. The rooms are quite spacious; they have space to stand up inside them almost comfortably. The will also have rugs covering the sandy floor. On the rugs there will be a thick mattress covered with white or beige clean sheets, blanket(s) and a pillow inside its cover. The “beds” will even be turned down for your clients as they check into the camp.

Sanitary conveniences 
Around the campsite, there will also be portable toilets; portable water taps, and all these will be clean. They are practical but not luxurious of course, to help keep the spirit of the desert.

PanEast Tours Music entertainment: 
There will be music mostly Arabic oriental style. This music will all be played by our professional team of music technicians and artists who have composed all this music especially for this event. The music will take people into different moods, so there will be a certain music for the arrival of the group, other music for dinner time, other music styles for the star gazing and relaxation session after dinner, and yet another for the dancing late in the night.

PanEast Tours The Progression of the event:
As soon as the group arrives to the campsite, music will have already started to be played by our professional music team. A candle lit path will show the way for the group to walk to the campsite area. The bar area will already be open for Guests to take a drink. There will be free time for people to sit down around the fire and enjoy the desert or take a stroll around the camp.
The cooking starts by our chefs and this will lead the way to the dinner. In addition, there will be a Shrak Bread Maker Station to show the group how the original Bedouin people prepare their home made bread. The group will self-serve themselves at the dinner buffet before sitting down in the dinner tent. 
After dinner the music will change for some relaxation time where the guests can choose to go sit by the fire. Later there will be dance music upon request with the option to hire a belly dancer for a half hour show.

Beidah “Little Petra” Cocktail Reception & Great Gala Dinner

Beidah – Little Petra is an archeological site, located 12 km from the main entrance to the city of Petra. Beidah is surrounded by beautiful, high pink mountains and divided into two main sites, which are connected by a narrow walkway. Each of these sites is featuring an amazing Nabatean monument 
(see map 1).

This theme dinner was specially designed for incentives and high luxurious groups, representing the highlight of their tour in Jordan. Little Petra. Parties can be arranged for groups of up to 350 guests.

PanEast Tours The “Arrival of the Nabatean” Cocktail Reception. 
The “Arriva l of the Nabatean” cocktail reception starts with the arrival of the guests to the location while all the lights are off and only paper bags with candles are lighting the walkway, which is covered with colorful Bedouin carpets, leading to the reception area. Meanwhile, the guests can hear nothing but the sound of an Arabic flute, playing somewhere in the mountains. Then suddenly, when the guests are completely gathered at the reception area, the sound of running horses getting closer, is announcing the arrival of the Nabatean. The light and sound show is following without interruption, playing international classical music with reflecting lights and images on the monument and the surrounding mountains in a perfect harmony. Suddenly, everything stops the way it started and the cocktail is being served, combined with oriental classical music that continues till the end of the reception (see map 2). Additionally, a belly dancer show or a folkloric troupe dance show can also be arranged during the cocktail reception

PanEast Tours The Great Gala Dinner
The great gala dinner setup is being arranged within 30 minutes, during the cocktail reception. As soon as the guests arrive to the dinner area, thinking that the party is finished and they are heading back to the hotel, the lights go on to announce that a gala dinner is going to be served. The dinner is served with a complete entertainment program (see map 3).

PanEast Tours Private Boat Trip in Aqaba with Lunch. 
Head up to the Royal Yacht club in Aqaba for a special exclusive cruise in a private Arabian Style Yacht called “Aladdin”. Enjoy a 2-3 hours regional cruise in the Red Sea of Aqaba with a maximum capacity of 90 people. 
Have fun on your private Yacht for the day by swimming and snorkeling in the middle of the sea, lie under the beautiful sun of Aqaba, enjoy a BBQ lunch on board and transform the yacht to a floating dancing party.



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