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Social Heritage Centers

Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative
PanEast Tours This project was launched in 1994 by Noor Al-Hussein Foundation with the support of Swiss Government. The project employed 41 women in the production of hand-made paper, hand-woven fabric, ceramics/clay, and food processing, generating a profit of JD 4,000. In 2001, the Iraq Al Amir Handicrafts Village was turned over to a woman’s cooperative. A showroom was opened in 2003, in addition to an IT center to provide training for the benefit of the local community.

PanEast Tours The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature 
RSCN aims to conserve the biodiversity of Jordan and integrate its conservation programs with socio-economic development, while promoting wider public support and action for the protection of the natural environment within Jordan and neighboring countries. The Royal Society for the Conser vation of Nature is an independent non-profit non-governmental organization devoted to the conservation of Jordan's natural resources. The current nature reserves and facilities operated by RSCN are Ajlun Nautre Reserve, Azraq Nature Reserve, Shumari Nature Reserve, Dibeen Forest Reserve, Dhana Nature Reserve, Mujib Nature Reserve and the Wild Jordan Café, which is the head quarter of RSCN in Amman. http://www.rscn.org.jo/

PanEast Tours St. George Winery
One has not tasted Jordanian wine if he has not tasted Saint George wines. Rich, complex , and unique, the Saint George wines are Jordan’s soul in a bottle. St. George best wines come from the Sama Vineyard located at the Northern borders. Book a tour today to journey through our vineyards, taste St. George wines, and explore the cellars. Get to know the winemaking process and marvel at the beauties of the Sama region.

PanEast Tours Taybeh Women Cooperative 
Visit the Taybeh Women Cooperative to participate in an interactive activity by producing your own pottery piece in Nabatean style or get acquainted with the local people of Taybeh to support their efforts in producing handmade Nabatean products. The Taybeh Women Cooperative was established in 2005 to enhance the quality of life for women and their families in the Wadi Musa/Taybeh area through the production of handmade pottery products modeled after ancient Nabataean designs. The cooperative owns a retail outlet that is strategically located on the main road., and it aims to deliver tourism experiences and products to be marketed and sold to souvenir outlets, both at a local and national level.

PanEast Tours Kan Zaman Village
Kan Zaman Village is located approximately 25km away from the center of Amman. Kan Zaman is an ancient caravansary renovated and rebuilt so that it resembles the center of a small village. There are workshops and artists studios where the craftsmen can be seen at their trades - making pottery, glass blowing, jewelry-smiting, wood-carving etc. There are also shops selling all kinds of local handicrafts, such as carpets, weaving, embroidery, woodcarvings, traditional jewelry, etc. In addition there is a spice shop, a cafe and a large restaurant where you will enjoy a Folkloric Dinner.

PanEast Tours Beit Shocair
Beit Shocair means the house of Shocair, and Shocair is the family that lived in this house since the beginning of the 1900's. It was the first government all girls schoo l in Jordan "Arwa Bint al Hareth". After the passing away of Mr. Amin Shocair it was agreed to transform this house into a cultural house that translates Jordan's culture and way of life in many ways. Beit shocair is not only a fabulous Lebanese restaurant it’s also a miniature museum and people working in arts and crafts. It is a unique experience within Amman; you can dazzle your eyes with all the crafts, antiques and the gorgeous view that will show you the old city and down town.

PanEast Tours The Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art & Restoration 
The Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art & Restoration was originally set up as a school in 1992 by the Jordanian Government, and has recently been upgraded to an institute. Its primary aims are to train Jordanian artists in the production and restoration of mosaics, spread awareness of mosaics in Jordan and actively preserve mosaics throughout the country.. The institute consists of a workshop, which includes a partial reproduction of the mosaic map in St George’s Church; it is displayed on the wall, making it easier to photograph. This is an active school so all visitors should first visit the admini stration office staff who are usually happy to show visitors around, and book a lesson in creating your own mosaic piece !

PanEast Tours Terra Rossa Olive Press
Stop at the Olive Press in Maadaba to learn about the process of extracting olive oil and have a taste of one of the best olive oils in the world. Enjoy fresh Mana’eesh for breakfast made with local olive oil. Teraa Rossa is an olive oil complex which includes a museum, a middle eastern restaurant and the industrial section, on an area of 7000 m2, connecting technology, culture, and heritage in a unique architectural design.

PanEast Tours Jordan Crafts Center 
Jordan Crafts Center features exhibits and sales of traditional and authentic Jordanian crafts, including: embroidery, woodwork, glass, leather, woven rugs, sheepskins, ceramics, mother-of-pearl objects, jewelry, brass and silver). It is located on a small side street off the Second Circle of Jabal Amman, behind the former Lebanese Embassy.

Art Galleries in Amman

Take a look at the arts and cultural centers of Amman, Jordan and visit the follo wing art galleries to get acquainted with the emerging and established artists of the Arab region

PanEast Tours Art Matters 
This gallery and boutique promotes affordable art pieces by local artists. Art Matters is a stepping-stone for as yet unknown artists that wish to publicly display and sell their work, as well as a store for those who are only beginning their art collections. 
Location: Sulayman Al Nabulsi Street – Abdali – Tel: (9 62-6) 565-632 6

PanEast Tours Dar Al Anda
Dar Al Anda is a project that meant to bring together visual and auditory arts, and thus counted as one of the centers of culture and the arts. Dar al Anda’s contribution to both arts appeared in the form of musical concerts, informative literary and cultural activities that took place in tandem with the many exhibitions of fine art
Location: Dhirar Bin Al-Azwar Street – Jabal Al Weibdah – Tel: (962-6) 462-9599

Art Galleries in Amman

PanEast Tours

Darat Al Funun
Overlooking the heart of Amman, Darat al Funun is housed in three traditional buildings of the 1920s.With its Arts, Architecture, Archaeology, Darat al Funun speaks of an enduring ancient legacy of urbanism, architecture and cultural identity that is now being enriched by a modern flowering of the visual arts. Location: Jabal Al Weibdah – The Khalid Shoman Foundation – Tel: (962-6) 464-3251

PanEast Tours Jordan National Gallery of Fine art

This small but visually impressive gallery is a wonderful place to gain an appreciation of contemporary Jordanian painting, sculpture and pottery. The attractive space also highlights contemporary art from around the Middle East and the greater Muslim world. Location: Hosni Fareez St – Jebel Weibdeh – Tel: (962-6) 463-0128

PanEast Tours Nabad Art Gallery
Nabad is an innovative cultural space that exhibits and provides contemporary art by emerging and established talent from Jordan, the wider Arab world and other countries of the eastern Mediterranean. Nabad periodically organizes exhibitions and workshops during which artists from abroad can work and exhibit alongside their local counterparts and share their artistic experiences with the Jordanian public. Location: First Circle – 46 Uthman Bin Affan Street – Jabal Amman –Tel: (962-6) 465-5084



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