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Fakhr El Din restaurant / Amman
PanEast Tours Once you visit it, you may feel that you are in the heart of the city, but during the 1950’s Amman was just beginning to spread out of the downtown area. The 2nd circle was then the edge of town where modern houses were springing up in a style that reflected a break from tradition. Fakhr El Din restaurant is one of the few remaining vestiges of its type and has always been the home of several eminent personalities specially the first prime minister of Jordan before it was used by the Spanish Diplomatic mission to Amman to their Embassy. The Fakhr El Din family has chosen to restore the house and its’ garden in the spirit of its’ original 1950’s style completing it with genuine Arab gastronomy and hospitality. Fakhr El Din reflects the Mediterranean spirit in food and specially the Lebanese Food. It is considered the Top 5* Lebanese restaurant i n Jordan. It is a first class Arabic restaurant whose menu is rich with all what your taste desires as cold starters, salads, raw meats, hot mezeh, soups, fattehs, seafood, deserts… etc. Address: First circle - Behind Iraq Embassy - Opposite Queen Zeen Elsharaf schools – Taha Hussein Street. www.fakhreldin.com

PanEast Tours Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant / Amman
Tawaheen Al Hawa is translated to Windmill in English as the restaurants exterior shows. Th is very fresh and nice restaurant has a wonderful typical Bedouin decoration with oriental atmosphere. Many local people go there so the group can have the chance to see the local people of Jordan. The restaurant is famous with its Arabic Starters (Mezza). The group will also have the opportunity to smoke the Hubbelly Bubbly (Water pipe)

PanEast Tours Haret Jdoudna Restaurant (Grandfathers’ neighborhood) / Madaba
The southern part of this restaurant was built in 1905 using the cross vault construction method with stone floor “acquired” at the time from the Roman Road, which is 200 meters away. The northern part, with a flat roof, was built in 1923. It features colorful terrazzo tiles imported from Haifa, Palestine, and typical floors of the well to do at the time. At the front entrance, features an original Roman column complete with its capital supporting the entire upper floor again acquired from nearby Roman ruins which are s o bountiful in Madaba. The craft shops were recently built using stone from the same site that were once homes for old families, the well at the bottom is Roman. A Jordanian team of architects and interior designers collaborated on Haret Jdoudna. There are 20 art and craft shops producing truly Jordanian traditional products such as wood & hem chairs, rug weaving, sand bottles, mosaics, paintings and much more.

PanEast Tours Sufra Restaurant / Amman
The Jordanian mealtime is a time of celebration of taste savored for over a thousand years. With Levantine influences and a heavy inspiration from the Bedouin "kitchen", Jordan enjoys one of the worlds most sophisticated and elaborate cuisines.

The rich Jordanian food, coupled with the famous Jordanian hospitality creates an atmosphere of festivities each time a meal is served.

At Sufra, we've combined the taste of Jordanian food, and the atmosphere that captures the spirit of the Jordanian mealtime with the hospitality of its people.

PanEast Tours Romero Restaurant / Amman
Back in 1921, a young Italian doctor named Fausto Tesio settled in Amman and founded the Italian Hospital in the heart of the new city near the ancient Roman Theatre. Dr. Tesio, known for his humanitarian traits, dedicated his life to the people of Jordan. Dr. Tesio passed to his daughter Flavia Romero his two passions: the love for the Jordanian people and the Italian inspired art of fine cuisine and good living.  

Romero Restaurant was established in 1979 in the heart of Amman’s modern Business District bringing the authentic ambiance of the Italian cuisine to the country. Flavia’s knowledge and love for the food, wines and culture of the Italian provinces, quickly made Romero a haven for the renounced legacy of the Mediterranean Cusine.

PanEast Tours La Maison Verte Restaurant / Amman
La Maison Verte Restaurant in Amman is an elegant fine dining restaurant s  erving authentic French cuisine and famously known for its Entrecôte Café de Paris, Charbonnade, tender steaks and sea food. .  If you're looking for a classy and truly special evening to spend with your loved ones, then definitely La Maison Verte is the restaurant for you.

PanEast Tours Ren Chai Restaurant / Amman
Ren Chai is a fine dining Chinese restaurant set in an atmosphere that emphasizes elements of nature and contemporary design with seating areas that overlook a refined Asian styled garden. 

Ren Chi has a seating capacity of 120 during the winter season, with a non-smoking room, which may also be utilized for private events. However, during the summer season an outdoor terrace se  ats up to 100 people, in the midst of a serene and harmonious garden.

PanEast Tours Yoshi Restaurant / Amman
Yoshi is a contemporary casual and relaxed all day Asian dining experience for all occasions with a beautiful interior comprised of wood paneled walls, banquet seating, fine art, contemporary fireplace, wood decked summer terrace and brass and bamboo fittings. The dining experience is complimented by freshly prepared Asian food light Dim Sum, with delicate sushi items prepared live at the Sus  hi Bar, authentic Tepanyaki and 'the best' Asian platters to share. Yoshi is a relaxing place to have a business lunch, afternoon Japanese tea on the terrace or a just to meet friends at the centerpiece bar for some light bites.

PanEast Tours Scenario Restaurant / Amman
Scenario is a smart casual restaurant offering international cuisine in a sleek and vibrant atmosphere. The cozy, upscale atmosphere coupled with Scenario’s genuine hospitality makes it an ideal choice for an utmost enjoyable dining experience.

PanEast Tours Bistro One / Amman
Bistro One is located in one of the old streets of Amman. It enjoys being tucked away in a quaint old neighbourhood and offers a dinning experience complimented by harmonious melodies. Happy hour desserts, drinks and coffees, offered with refreshing snacks are also very popular. 
It is a reminiscence of French cafés, offering a mixture of appetizing international dishes and assorted cocktails. Bistro One specializes in having a variety of tender meat cuts & Fondue  Bourguignon platters. Its adjacent terrace, decorated with colourful flower pots, is utilized during the summer season.

PanEast Tours Ali Baba Restaurant / Aqaba

With its wooden awning, leafy cannas and potted palm trees, this restaurant still draws the crowds. It has a large outdoor seating area wrapped round the corner facade and offers a large menu  of mezze, grilled meats and fish, including sayadieh. Ali Baba Restaurant’s central location and fresh ingredients makes it one of the best restaurants in Aqaba.

PanEast Tours Romero Restaurant / Aqaba
Romero Aqaba Restaurant is located in the Royal Yacht Club. It serves a delicious fresh seafood menu and a view to die for awaiting you by the sea. Oven baked pizza and Romero’s famous dishes are also part of our menu, designed with your pleasure in mind.

Enjoy the frequent sporting and musical events held on special evenings by the pool side.

If you find that the night is still young, go up stairs and visit the Skippers Bar Lounge.

PanEast Tours Al Qantarah Restaurant / Petra
Authentic Jordanian cuisine is served here in a real Jordanian environment and genuine atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the whole country, Alqantarah has introduced a special dining experience, bringing our gastronomic heritage together with our fresh ingredients.

The Taboun, old clay oven, is used to bake traditional bread or to grill lamb or meat  before your eyes.  Enjoying our national dish Mansaf as well as Magloubah, Kofteh (Minced Meat), Kabab until served to your table in a handmade pottery dish.

Enjoy the authentic Jordanian style of architecture and the outstanding interior design of our dining room which is inspired by our heritage as you savor the culinary experience to come. Enjoy the local artwork on display throughout the restaurant.



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