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Fun Activities


PanEast Tours Bicycle Tours in Jordan
Jordan is an ideal place for Bicycle tours with incredibly diverse scenery and a wealth of historic and archaeological treasures. You can choose to cycle through and around the desert of Wadi Rum, Azraq Nature Reserve, Dead Sea / Wadi Araba Road, Petra, Feynan Nature Reserve, and the list goes on and on!


PanEast Tours Paint Ball 
Come enjoy a game of paintball at Jordan's first and best paintball field. The club contains a large, 15000 sq meter woodland field that can accommodate up to 40 players. Test your tactical skills and draw up strategies in a team effort to outmaneuver and outsmart your competition. We can guarantee that it will be the best fun you've had for a very long time!

PanEast Tours Yoga in Ma’in Springs
Participate in yoga or mediation session at a stunning location in the natural hot wat er springs of Hammamat Ma’in, which is organized by Evason Ma’in & Six Senses Spa Resort under the supervision of a highly qualified instructor at your side. Enjoy the amazing surroundings and let your trouble just float away!

PanEast Tours Trekking in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum desert offers many eye-catching sites perfectly suitable for trekking and hiking. Usually, trekking trips start from Wadi Rum village where you can walk through Um Ishrin valley, the Red sand dunes and the Nabatean inscriptions of An Fashiyeh. Furthermore, you can walk through the beautiful narrow canyons on the way to Jebel Burdah where you will have the chance to climb the natural Rockbridge of Um Fruth; a site not to be missed in Wadi Rum.

Trekking routes in Wadi Rum are numerous and usually the local guides lead the walking tours in a way that is compatible with the Bedouin experience and allow the guest to escape the hassle of the everyday modern life and try to enjoy the stress free Nomadic life.

PanEast Tours Jeep tours in Wadi Rum
By using the standard 4x4 Bedouin Pick Ups or privately rented modern Jeeps, you can embark on an adventure and visit all the main places of Wadi Rum including the nabatean inscriptions of Khazali and An fashiyeh, the red sand dunes, the rock bridges of Um Fruth and Burdah, Barragh canyon, Lawrence’s house, the view point where you will end your visit and admire the beauty of the sunset in Wadi Rum.

PanEast Tours Horse Riding in Wadi Rum 
Discover the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum while riding on well mannered Arabian horses through the stunning landscapes, the wide sandy valleys, the huge red and golden colored m o untain. The area is truly unique and horse back riding is one of the best ways to see this incredible natural resort and experience the Bedouin culture.

PanEast Tours Camel Riding in Wadi Rum
No trip to Wadi Rum would be complete without camels. Visit all the highlight s of Wadi Rum on the back of Bedouin camels, referred to in Arabic as the “Desert Ship”. Whether you want to take a camel excursion for a couple of hours or for a whole day or more, we can arrange a suitable program for you to travel around the Wadi Rum in Bedouin style.

PanEast Tours Petra by Night 
Organized every Monday and Thursday, guests will walk through the Siq with extreme silence one after an other with thousands of candles lighting the path until they reach the Treasury where the guests will be greeted by an Oud (Arabic guitar) Player producing some mellow tunes appropriate with the surrounding atmosphere. The guests will experience an unforgettable night with Bedouin sweet tea served.

PanEast Tours Golf Course in Amman
Amman has an excellent 9-hole 'brown' golf course, with par of 67; the Bisharat Golf Course is the first proper golf course to be found in Jordan. Nestled in the hills alongside Amman’s Queen A lia Airport, and located just 14km outside the city, the club provides caddie service, a pro-shop and professional coaching.

PanEast Tours Horse Back Riding in Jila’ad
Enjoy a horse back riding excursion in the outskirts of Amman and ride through an exceptional fertile landscape and take pleasure in the rich green scenery of Jalad. The horse back riding excursion will take place in the Country Riding Centre of Jordan.

PanEast Tours Genuine Gladiator Roman show 
The magnificently preserved Roman City of Gerasa is the exciting backdrop to a colorful demonstration of Roman military capability, gladiator fights and chariot racing. At Jerash newly restored hippodrome, with its original stone seating provides an ideal arena for a thrilling spectacle such as the citizens of the Roman Empire would have been able to see some twenty centuries ago. As the group walks through the colonnaded streets and the great oval piazza, suddenly there is a brassy blare of trumpets a  nd the tramp of marching feet together with the rattle of shields, swords and armor. This is not your imagination at work though, but real, as into view comes a large body of Roman legionaries moving swiftly through the city towards the hippodrome, signaling that shortly, the performance will begin. Now take your place on the very seats, on which the Romans sat and prepare to watch the show

Aqaba Water sports 

PanEast Tours Parasailing

Aqaba Water sports Parasailing Soar above the sea, attached by a safety line, with a partner or alone, in the silence of the skies. Enjoy the best views of 4 countries. You will be dry enough to take your camera to capture the thrill and wonderful views. Soar above the sea, attached by a safety line, with a partner or alone, in the silence of the skies. Enjoy the best views of 4 countries. You will be dry enough to take your camera to capture the thrill and wonderful views.

Water Ski & Training Catering to all levels of water skier, a variety of skis and instruction from beginner to pro, we guarantee you will succeed with us.

PanEast Tours

Banana Boats & Inner Tubes
Fun and excitement for all, a thrilling ride holding on while being pulled through the water. Expect to get wet, but with your life jacket on and a qualified skipper, you will definitely be safe

PanEast Tours Jet Ski
Fast action with the latest models of Ya maha, 4 stroke Jet Skis, create your own wake! ‘Safety first’ is our motto so life jackets are a must and we will be close by to assist.

PanEast Tours Canoes
Enjoy the silence of the sea and the freedom to ride along the coast at your own speed.

PanEast Tours Speed Boat Rental
Bring the family along for a speedy ride along Aqaba’s coastline with a professional driver. We have a variety of boats with different capacities. Rental periods of 15 minutes.

PanEast Tours Windsurfing & Training
Catch the breeze and surf away, every level of windsurfer is catered for with a variety of boards and sails along with instruction. 

PanEast Tours Top Cat Sailing
For the adrenalin pumping thrill of speed on the waves, nothing more stable and thrilling than a fast sail boat, we can take you for a spin, as well as being qualified to instruct you to sail yourself. 
The top cat is an easy sailing catamaran that is a fun activity for 1 to 3 people to enjoy on the coastline of Aqaba, in the expert hands of the captain.

PanEast Tours Coral Viewing Cruises
Don’t want to get wet; the whole family can still enjoy viewing the corals through the glass bottom yacht. 
Everyone gets a clear view and plenty of time for relaxing. 

It is possible to snorkel during this trip to see the best of the Red Sea with the simplest of equipment, in a safe and enjoyable way, enter Jordan’s Marine Park to see some of the most colorful fish and corals. 

We will be there to guide you through this experience.

PanEast Tours Diving
The Red Sea is one of the best diving sites in the world; the charm of the nor thern end of the Gulf of Aqaba is its relaxed diving, with sightings of many unusual fish. Our dive center can take you from a complete novice to a professional diver, and check out the specialties available.

Take the family for a dive, those that didn’t try before can have a go at the Discover Scuba Diver, where an experienced dive instructor will take you underwater, one-on-one, for an experience of a life-time. Those that don’t want to dive can snorkel above the group with a guide.

PanEast Tours Regional Cruises
This cruise lets you enjoy the cool breeze of the sea while seeing the town from a different angle.

Aqaba’s coastline is teeming with marine life; enjoy doing as much or as little as you want. You can snorkel, swim or just chill on the deck.

PanEast Tours Pharaoh Island Cruises
Visit 2 countries while seeing 4, the best views are enjoyed while cruising to Pharaoh’s Island in Egypt.

Live history at the well maintained Salah el Din Castle, snorkel the bountiful, crysta l clear waters, swim or relax on board while lunch is prepared freshly.

Booking and passports are required 24 hours in advance.

PanEast Tours Sunset Cruise
Watch the magnificence of a sunset seen from both sides of the sea; observe the sun disappear behind the mountains of Sinai and see the colors change on the mountains of Aqaba. 

Nowhere is more breathtaking, and weather permitting the engines will be turned off to enjoy the silence of the seas.

While cruising the music playing will suit the mood and create the atmosphere. Expect perfect weather as the time of day is cooler. 

Cruising slowly to the marine border of Jordan, you will have a clear view of 4 countries

PanEast Tours Night Cruise with Dinner
The coastline is yours, cruise on one of our yachts, gazing at the stars and the twinkling lights of 4 countries. This has got to be the most amazing experience for anyone, come celebrate your special occasion with us. 

Catering can be done by Sindbad’s chefs or you can arrange the catering by your hotel, we are flexible and can manage whatever you prefer. 

Aladdin 24 can accommodate 45 people seated and 65 with a casual buffet style, Sindbad 636 and Sindbad Discovery 667 are able to cater to 29 people in a casual buffet style only. 

You will cruise for 2 hours and your choice of music will serenade you.

PanEast Tours Floating Disco
For the most unique party scene in Jordan. Turn up the beat and dance while you cruise along the coastline. 

Starting at sunset and continuing until midnight, enjoy dancing to your favorite music as the DJ spins the discs. Music to suit all tastes and moods. 

PanEast Tours Sport Fishing 
Cast off and trawl the coast of Aqaba for the catch of the day. We provide all that is needed to make a special day, creating memories. 

In Sindbad, we offer three different options for fishing; Deep Sea, Trawling or Local Fishing. We will provide all the equipment and bait needed and send you with an experienced captain, who will increase your chances of a good catch.



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