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Exchange Tourism

The Zikra Initiative & Ghor al Mazra’a
PanEast Tours The Zikra Initiative is currently working diligently in a declared poverty pocket by the Jordanian government known as Ghor al Mazra’a in the governorate of Al Karak. The Ghor al Mazra’a community struggled against many challenges: their history marked by discrimination due to their dark skin color, insufficient household income and a lack of job opportunities.

Exchange Tourism programs in Ghor al Mazra’a:

- Hiking Trips: the Ghor community takes the visitors on a tour of some of their most beautiful landscapes that are filled with waterfalls, streams and palm trees. Afterwards, the visitors will attend workshops conducted by the local community to learn local handicrafts skills. Visitors learn how to cook the traditional Galayat Bandora, make sharaq bread, and much more. Then together, guests and the local community eat lunch, interact and learn more about each other’s lifestyle, roots and heritage. 

PanEast Tours - Tomato Day: the Ghor al Mazra’a region is known for its agriculture in tomatoes. Sharing skills and resources, the Ghor al Mazra’a community invites visitors to come and attend their tomato-picking workshop. Guests will learn about how tomatoes are grown an d picked. They will then experience tomato harvesting first hand! After the tomatoes have been picked, guests may learn how to cook the traditional Galayat Bandora (Tomato in a Pan), make sharaq bread with the local community, and much more! A communal lunch then gives everyone the opportunity to mingle, talk, and exchange ideas. 

PanEast Tours - Houses: the Zikra Initiative brings together the local community and visitors to paint and draw on local homes. This creates a friendlier, more comfortable, diverse, and colorful community that can uplift the spirits of the local residents as w ell as celebrate their lifestyle and heritage. The designs, colors, and paintings on the houses are created by the local community through an interactive art workshop that stimulates creativity and self-expression. The event also includes workshops that teach the visitors how to make: Arabian eyeliner, banana leaf baskets, sharaq (bread), galayat bandora (Tomato in a Pan) among others. Social gaps are filled as the local community and the visitors celebrate Jordanian traditions and heritage during the workshop and lunch.

PanEast Tours Theodor Schneller School 
Schneller School was first established in Jerusalem in 1860 and provided services and help for orphans and less fortunate children until 1948. In 1959 Theodor Schnniller School started building its permanent location in Amman, where in 1966, King Hussein opened these premises.

Theodor Schneller School is helping children from poor or problematic families. The school is taking care of the children and providing them with housing, clothes, meals and many other facilities as well as improving their hobbies and sport activities.

The School was built on a huge land, most of which is not used now. The School has a Guest House, a Camping Site, Gymnastic Hall, outdoor fields, a Church. The school is located right next to a Palestinian refugee camp. With all those mentioned facilities, the school is still considered poor, because most of these facilities were built thro ugh donations, donations that do not provide maintenance and running costs.

Anybody interested in volunteering have the opportunity to partake in different tasks in helping the school and the local community. You can help in the following ways

  •  Cleaning the School site.
  •   Painting the School walls.
  •   Landscaping and planting.
  •  Gardening and cultivation of seedlings.
  •  Help building indoor or outdoor climbing wall or rock (this is a dream for some of the School's staff to provide for the children).
  •   Donating Money
  •  Just simply visiting the school



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