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Cultural Activities

PanEast Tours Petra Kitchen
The Petra Kitchen is a relaxed and informal atmosphere where you’ll gather to prepare an evening meal, working alongside local women under the supervision of a professional c hef. Each evening meal includes soup, cold and hot mezza and salads, and a main course-all typical Jordanian dishes. You will get an inside glimpse of the secrets behind the famous regional cuisine of the Levant. The Petra Kitchen offers an evening of learning, fun and a very special dining experience, with each dish gaining the special flavor of a reward well-earned. This experience includes a cuisine course meal and non-alcoholic beverages as well as take-home recipes for all the dishes prepared that evening.

PanEast Tours Beit Sitti (My Grandmother’s House) 
Situated in the heart of the old city of Amman, Beit Sitti invites you to co me to one of the oldest neighborhoods and experience the true Jordanian culture by learning how to cook a 4 course Arabic meal with a traditional Hajjeh (Old Woman) and then sit back to unwind with good food, the beats of the city and the dazzling views and stories of old Amman.http://www.beitsittijo.com

PanEast Tours Souk Jara 
Only operated on Friday’s, Souk Jara is a place where you, your family and friends can enjoy the splendor of Jabal Amman while walking in one of its oldest streets, searching for unique merchandise that you cannot find in regular shops, listening to great music, and enjoying a cup of coffee along with a Shisha. While you walk through Souk Jara you will pass by the retailers sitting behind their booths selling distinctive items which some are kept from the past. Souvenirs, handicrafts, antiques, paintings and handmade accessories will be available. Booths will be the ornaments decorating the old neighborhood creating an amusing shopping experience after which you can stop by the Souk Jara Café.

PanEast Tours Jafra 
The title Gastro Pub indicated the theme & ambiance of Cantaloupe, which sets up a combination of the art of cooking (gastronomy) in a relaxed, laid back mood of a casual but chic / trendy restauran t. It is located in the authentic Jabal Amman area in Rainbow Street. The ambience is refined and intimate with a staggering 360 degree view over Downtown, the Citdael and Jabal Ashrafieh which will grab your immediate attention.

PanEast Tours Folkloric Troupe Welcome in Jordanian Style 
Just upon your arrival at the airport or the reception of the hotel or at any especial event, you will be welcomed by a folklore troupe with traditional costumes and songs to escort you on your way to an unforgettable evening.

PanEast Tours Bedouin Wedding Performance 
The remarkable evening starts by bringing in a Bedouin man and women, who will the play the role of the bride and the groom. These couple will be dressed in special traditional Bedouin wedding garments, and the bride will also be wearing her special heavy golden jewelry for her wedding night. The bride will be brought in the ceremonial tent on a saddled camel while being followed by her family and friends where they will all be accompanying the bride with songs and dances especially sang during weddings nights. In Arabic the bride’s entrance with her family, together with the songs and dances is called “ZAFAH”. As it is customary during such ceremonies “HENAH” (A special coloring) is provided where it will be applied on the hands of the bride and her friends in various decorations and designs such as flowers, stars, etc… Usually the “HENAH” party is performed the day before the wedding night and it is especially organized for women only. 
Moreover, it is customary for a fortune teller to be present where she reads the guests fortune through the coffee cups that they drank. Consequently, the party begins where the family and friends will sing and dance while the bride and groom are sitting on chairs specially provided for them. Some of the dances that will be performed are the traditional folklore dance “DABKEH” where the men will line up and dance in harmony with the music. In addition, a special dancing show will be performed during the wedding ceremony where two men will dance together while bombarding their swords together as if they were engaging in a fight. Finally, the groom will then remove his bride’s Vail from her face where they will be officially announced as husband and wife.



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