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Wadi Rum Hotels

Wadi Rum


Captains Desert Camp

Captain's Desert Camp offers a unique experience in traditional Bedouin tents with clear views of the Wadi Rum landscape. This camp offers an authentic desert experience with classic Bedouin meals prepared daily. Captain's Desert Camp has 2 locations, one situated close to the Disi area and the other in the shadow of the Um Infous Mountain. Shower facilities are located in a separate area of the camp. Guests can enjoy the relaxed and sociable atmosphere at the camp.

map1Luxury Camps – Beit Ali

The camp and rest area is built in the Bedouin Arabic tradition blending naturally into its desert surroundings. Together with its large modern kitchen "Bait Ali" has traditional Bedouin tented areas, modern showers and toilets: terraced areas with "zerb oven", bar facilities and of course plenty of room for camping, whether in the tents already on site or in motor caravans.

map1Jabal Rum Camp

This Camp is a very unique place offering an unspoilt desert of amazing beauty. Tourists will find Jabal Rum Camp an exciting and surprising place to visit, whether it’s climbing mountains, enjoying a jeep ride or just having coffee in a Bedouin tent.
For those who prefer nature, springtime offers an explosion of wild desert flowers, including poppies and black irises (Jordan's National flower). The camp offers various activities such as jeep tours and camel rides in the Wadi..




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